Service Level Agreement (SLA)


    Customers and Partners may notify SecPod by telephone or through SecPod's designated electronic mail support address.  SecPod shall assign SecPod support contacts to staff such support lines and electronic mail 24x7, SecPod will maintain enough SecPod support contacts to ensure prompt responses to calls from Customers and Partners. SecPod will use its best efforts to answer questions and correct reported errors that are reproducible and caused by SecPod (or to provide suitable temporary solutions or workarounds for errors) during the initial response. If Customers or Partners states that the reported error is substantial and material to the use of the Software Product(s) or Service(s), or that the reported error causes the Software Product(s) or Service(s) to be inoperable, SecPod will use its best efforts to correct the error, within a commercially reasonable time after SecPod's initial response. The technical support services provided herein shall be provided without additional charge.


    SecPod SanerNow Updates

    Updates and Upgrades may be made to the SanerNow platform for many reasons including, but not limited: critical patches, security fixes, general maintenance, functionality, and documentation. SecPod is under no obligation to develop any future functionality or enhancements. In case of Cloud customers, the Updates/Upgrades will be performed automatically, as per the selection by the customer. However, for the On-Premise customers, the updates/upgrades will be planned through scheduled call by the customer support team. All updates/upgrades will be provided free of cost.



    Any Customer or Partner may log a support request via web-based ticketing system or telephone on a 24x7 basis. SecPod shall process support requests using a ticketing procedure so that each issue shall receive a ticket number and may be tracked until it is satisfactorily resolved.


    Support Incident Classification

    SecPod Support shall identify the severity of the support request, based on the evidence provided by Customer and Partner and the definitions set forth below.


    Target Response Times

    The times set forth below are response times to a ticket logged via web or by phone. These times should not be deemed to be resolution times. SecPod does not guarantee resolution times. A resolution may consist of a fix, workaround, service availability or other solution SecPod deems reasonable. SecPod will use reasonable efforts to meet the target response times stated in the table below.


    Severity Definitions and Response Times

    Severity Definition Response Time

    Product issue that severely impacts Customer's use of the product.

    2 hours or less
    High Major functionality issue that impacts Customer business operation and no workaround is available. 6 hours or less.
    Normal Partially impacts the use of the product and workaround is available. 12 hours or less.

    A routine technical issue or inquiry.

    2 business days or less


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