How to create a Remediation job?

    Follow the below steps to create a remediation job:
    1. Open via any browser.
    2. Login and Click on the Patch Management(PM).
    3. Click on 'Missing Patches'.
    4. Click on 'Source' and select the device for eg:<Devicename> from the filter option.
    5. Then select the Assets/patches which you want to apply.
    6. Click on "Apply Selected Patches".
    7. Enter the task name. (Any custom name can be given)
    8. Schedule the remediation(immediate/after scheduled scan/custom date).
    9. Also choose the below Addition plugin options according to your need.
    -Patching Activity Notification[Enter the message]
    -Reboot Control(Do Not Reboot/Reboot automatically/Scheduled date and time).
    -Remediation End time(Choose and end time for the remediation)
    -Remediation scripts(Pre-script/Post-Script)
    (Pre-script-> You can upload a script which you can run before the remediation job)
    (Post-Script->You can upload a script which you can run after the remediation job)
    -Test and deploy(You can select a device to test)
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