Can i patch a particular device from SanerNow?

    We can patch a particular device via the Patch Management(PM) module. Please follow the below steps:
    1. Open via any browser.
    2. Log in and select the account. Then click on the Patch Management(PM).
    3. Click on 'Missing Patches'.
    4. Click on 'Source' and select the device for eg: "Test device" from the filter option in which you want to apply the patches. [You can also select the group of devices based on your need].
    5. It will list out the "Missing Patch" details.
    6. Then select the respective patch which you want to apply.
    7. Click on "Apply Selected Patches".
    8. Enter the task name. (Any custom name can be given)
    9. Schedule the remediation(immediate/after scheduled scan/custom date).
    Also, choose the below Addition plugin options according to your need.
    -Patching Activity Notification[Enter the message]
    -Reboot Control(Do Not Reboot/Reboot automatically/Scheduled date and time).
    -Remediation End time(Choose and end time for the remediation)
    -Remediation scripts(Pre-script/Post-Script)
    (Pre-script-> You can upload a script which you can run before the remediation job)
    (Post-Script->You can upload a script which you can run after the remediation job)
    -Test and deploy(You can select a device to test)
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