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    Release Notes SanerNow

    At SecPod, we strive towards delivering solution to enhance user experience. SanerNow comes with a bundle of new additions, enhancements and bug fixes to increase efficient product usage. In this release we have brought several enhancements to Patch Management, Endpoint detection and response and Agent Deployment Tool, covering other general enhancements and bug fixes as well.

    Patch Management (PM) - Enhancing patch management for better visibility

    1. Introducing device view and patch view: A new dashboard element is added to represent a Device view, with the option to switch to Patch view. The Device view shows a list of all applicable patches per device, risks, patch-ability status, etc along with a single click option to create a remediation job.
    2. Check patch repository reachability status and resolve issues: Patch repository reachability status added on the dashboard to diagnose issues related to patching.
    3. Introducing all new device-based reports: Device-based Report APIs are added in Patch Management (PM) under Reports. The APIs such as Devices with Missing Security Patches, Missing Configuration, Most Critical Patches to give you better insight on effective patching, Patches for Paid-Products or licensed products, Missing Patches of Non-reachable devices.
    4. Insightful error messages to resolve patching obstacles: Error codes and reasons are added to better understand Status on Patch Remediation and Automation tasks.
    5. Show customized alerts on functional end-user systems before initiating remediation: Reboot alert messages can be provided on fixing missing patches, automation or rollback tasks that notifies logged-in users on endpoints to save their work and prepare for the reboot of endpoints. A similar notification can also be sent before remediation tasks, alerting the user about the scheduled activity.
    6. Enhanced Saner agents to comply with Windows Update component: Saner agents are now intelligent to gather any inconsistency with the Windows Update component and resolve issues automatically.

    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) - Optimizing Endpoint Detection and response for improved performance:

    1. Increased scalability to view huge data: EDR performance enhanced to load data for a large number of devices, assisting with scalability.
    2. Introducing filters to view only required details: Status filters are also added in EDR for viewing a subset of data from endpoints.

    Agent Deployment - Enhanced agent deployment tool to increase efficiency

    Analyse, act and deploy agents according to the requirements of end-user computer: Saner Agent Deployment Tool is now smarter to gather pre-requisites and deploy agents with ease. It also allows users to deploy agents with single-sign-on credentials.

    General enhancements and bug fixes

    1. Microsoft Operating system details are added with a specific release version wherever Operating System names are displayed across the platform.
    2. Various bugs are resolved on dashboards, reports, and patch management tasks.
    3. Mac OS X agent adheres to the Mac OS X application signing and notarization guidelines.

    We hope SecPod SanerNow will ease your endpoint security management to a greater extent. Please mail us at for any feature request or enhancements you expect in the product.

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