Saner Solution 4.3


    Release Notes SanerNow

    SanerNow brings number of enhancements to Patch Management(PM) tool. This maintenance release also includes fixes to major bugs, security issues and enhances Rest API coverage.

    Release Summary

    1. Operating System (OS) upgrade, a one-click OS version upgrade is introduced. This feature installs necessary Security KBs, and upgrades the system to the latest version.
    2. Reboot Scheduler is introduced to schedule the reboots to a particular time. Reboot jobs are listed in the PM status page to track the reboot progress.
    3. Added colour scheme to charts in reports.
    4. Inconsistency in ‘Windows Update’ component is automatically resolved.
    5. Superseded and older patches are suppressed and only latest security patches are listed.
    6. Non-Security patches are added in individual device details page, in addition to the security patches.
    7. Rest API coverage is enhanced to include newer APIs and improved security validations.
    8. Inconsistencies while moving device from one account to another account is addressed.
    9. Upgraded 3rd party dependent libraries to latest version.

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