Windows 10 update settings for Failed Remidiation jobs


    How to Enable or Disable windows update services in Windows 10

    1. Launch Run, type services.msc and tap OK.

    2. Open Windows Update in the services.

    3. Click the down arrow on the right of Startup type, choose Automatic (or Manual) in the list and hit OK to have Windows Update enabled.


    4. Similarly, to disable it, tap the down arrow, select Disabled and choose OK.


    Steps to Change Windows Update Settings in Windows 10

    1. Select the Start button and then choose the settings icon.

    Settings gear icon in Windows Start Menu

    2. Select Update & Security.

    Update & Security icon in Windows Settings

    3. Select Windows Update from the menu on the left, assuming it's not already selected.

    4. Select Advanced options.

    Advanced options icon in Windows Update panel

    The various settings on this page control how Windows 10 will download and install updates for the operating system, and perhaps other software, from Microsoft.


    To find the Windows Update Log in Windows 10

    1.  Open PowerShell.
    2. Type the following command at the PowerShell console:
                  PS C:\> Get-WindowsUpdateLog


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