Saner Solution 4.2


    Release Notes SanerNow

    SanerNow introduces Plasma, a beta version of a smart search assistant. New features are also introduced in Patch Management to further simplify endpoint patching.


    Plasma is a Beta version of an intelligent machine learning based search assistant. This marks the first release of Plasma which is intended to do smarter, AI (artificial intelligence) powered searches. This will be continuously enhanced to become smarter.

    1. User Assist - Searches as you type across 1000+ documents to provide navigational help on the platform.
    2. Discover - Search across platform's rich endpoint data and indicators to discover meaningful information.
    Patch Management
    1. Test and Deploy - Test patches in a test environment before deployment. Administrators can create a test task and provide automation rules to deploy after validating results of the test task. This is useful to rollout patches in a production environment after testing in an identical test environment.
    2. Batch Remediation - Administrators are able to include pre and post scripts to be bundled in a remediation job or rule. Pre-scripts are executed before the remediation task and post-scripts are executed once a remediation task completes. This feature is only available for security patches. Additionally, our content research team will add script-based patching to cover vulnerabilities that do not have vendor patches.
    3. Firmware Patching - With an increasing number of attacks targeting the underlying hardware system, firmware patching has become a critical need. Firmware patches can now be applied on Microsoft Windows systems.
    4. Reboot Control - Logged-in users are now able to postpone reboots until a specific time.
    5. Retry Remediation - The Patch Management Status page now lets you re-attempt already created remediation tasks. A copy of the remediation job is created which can be edited and applied.
    6. Detailed Remediation Status - Remediation status now includes ReceivedInitiated and Doneto provide more visibility on tasks being performed.
    7. Stop Ongoing Remediation Task - Ongoing remediation tasks can now be stopped to release devices that haven't yet accepted the task. This will free devices for other remediation tasks.
    8. Dashboard changes - A smart Patch Compliance calculator has been added to identify the number of patches required to patch a minimal number of devices to eliminate the maximum number of vulnerabilities. Patch compliance for devices and assets are also shown.
    9. Bug Fixes and Performance - Various issues have been addressed.
    Endpoint Management
    1. Extended support to handle .bat, .sh, .reg, .deb, .rpm, .exe, .msp, .msi via zip file upload section under Software Deployment.
    Device Management
    1. Users can move Devices across accounts. This is useful when employees move to different locations or move to new projects, etc.
    2. E-mail alerts are now provided when Saner agents are uninstalled.
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