Managing Patches Using SanerNow


    Patch Management

    Applying security patches is the primary method for eliminating vulnerabilities in software. Patch management involves deciding what patches should be applied, when they should be applied, and applying the patches.

    SanerNow provides access to the latest vendor patches that are tested by experts. With its capability to identify vulnerabilities and map appropriate patches to remove vulnerabilities, SanerNow automates the process of security patch management and keeps endpoint systems up to date. SanerNow also provides crucial information on the severity of detected vulnerabilities, which is useful in deciding whether or not to apply patches.

    To access the Patch Management tool:

    1. Logon to SanerNow using your SanerNow credentials.
    2. Select an account to manage by clicking the icon at the upper left corner of the window. A dashboard with the summary view of the account is displayed.
    3. Click the SanerNow icon on the header. Click the Patch Management icon. The Patch Management dashboard is displayed, which provides an overview of missing, critical, and installed patches. And it helps you take action to install patches to remediate vulnerabilities, update endpoint configurations, or roll back patches. 


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