Managing Endpoints Using SanerNow


    Endpoint Management

    The SanerNow Endpoint Management tool provides total visibility over your managed endpoints. Built-in actions help you keep your endpoints compliant to regulations and up-to-date with software and hardware patches. You can use queries to check on the health of your endpoints. Automated actions enable you to debug and resolve issues and control the deployment or uninstallation of applications and service packs.

    To access the Endpoint Management tool:

    1. Logon to SanerNow using your SanerNow credentials.
    2. Select an account to manage by clicking the icon at the upper left corner of the window. A dashboard with the summary view of the account is displayed.
    3. Click the SanerNow icon on the header. Click the Endpoint Management icon. The Endpoint Management dashboard is displayed, which shows at a glance the total number of devices on the network with a breakdown by OS, the number of devices with the SanerNow Agent running, and the number of currently active devices.


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