Managing Assets Using SanerNow


    Asset Management

    Asset management allows you to track and manage your organization’s assets, such as:

    • Devices (hardware assets)
    • OS applications such as Microsoft Office, .NET etc., and their patches (operating system)
    • Third-party software such as Skype, Adobe etc. (licensed assets for third party applications)

    Asset management includes:

    • Installation of assets
    • Uninstallation of assets

    The SanerNow endpoint security solution helps you to track and manage your assets and their lifecycle within your organization from a centralized location.


    To access the Asset Management tool:

    1. Logon to SanerNow using your SanerNow credentials.
    2. Select an account to manage by clicking the icon at the upper left corner of the window. A dashboard with the summary view of the account is displayed.
    3. Click the SanerNow icon on the header. Click the Asset Management icon. The Asset Management Dashboard is displayed, which provides device details, hardware and software asset details, and license information.


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