Saner Solution 4.1

    1. Patch Management Automation now supports security and non-security patches. A software patch can fix security vulnerabilities or improve the usability and performance. While creating an automation task, users can select from two options, either patch security patches only or both security and non-security patches.
    2. Patch Rollback is now available for Linux and Mac operating systems. Saner solution tracks rollback point for a software asset while applying patch. This helps revert changes and restores applications or operating systems to the last best known version/configuration. A rollback indicator set to true determines that a patch can be reverted.
    3. All scans now run in low mode by default. A CPU threshold is set to 20% so that Saner agents consume minimal resources while a scan occurs. These configuration can be altered using Settings.
    4. Saner agents can now recover themselves in case of an abnormal shutdown of an endpoint.
    5. Saner agents that are prone to network changes and connect with WIFI are managed to avoid activation issues.
    6. Fixes in Windows NT user and Registry probe for better performance.
    7. Other minor bug fixes
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