Series of events that happen sequentially when a Rem Job/Task gets created-Flow chart


    Overview: When the remediation job or task created for vulnerable assets/application. The task will go through the below status and complete the job with Success or Fail status.

    Flow chart:

    Received: This status showed the affected device accepted the created remediation job or any tasks and ready to perform the next steps.

    Waiting for Device to respond: During the creation of tasks time if devices are in offline it will show this status.

    Ongoing : After Received status the SanerNow task showing will moved the 'Ongoing' status means Saner applying the fix or patches for vulnerable assets.

    Reboot Needed: If the assets/patch need the reboot action mandatorily to complete the remediation so in this case the SanerNow change the status from Ongoing to 'Reboot needed' status. So End-user need to create the new Reboot task from SanerNow by the selecting the same device on the Status page.

    Verifying remediation: This status verifying the already done remediation w.r.t status i.e success or fail. During this status Device post remediation auto scan will verify the applied the patch status and upload to the server.

    Success: This status indicates that the remediation applied successfully to the device and removed the vulnerabilities.

    Fail: This status indicates that the remediation got failed with some error reasons. Based on the error which is listed on the console root caused need to investigation from agent logs.

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