How to upload the Co-branding Logo and Organization logo for MSP customers.


    To attain cyber security throughout their business or organization, MSP clients manage numerous groups. Each organization can have a unique organization logo assigned to it, and the MSP vendor can co-brand the SanerNow tool with the logo of their customer.

    Applicable platform:

    On-Cloud and On-Premise Deployment

    Steps to upload the Co-Branding Logo to the SanerNow platform.
    1. Login to the SanerNow platform.
    2. Click on the Control panel 'Setting' icon.
    3.On Left side Navigate to 'Settings' and expand and Choose the Co-Branding option.

    4. Now Choose the image option to upload the required Logo Image and Click on the Crop & Upload & button.

    Steps to upload the Organization-wise Logo to the SanerNow platform.

    1. Click on the Control panel 'Setting' icon.
    2. On the Left side Navigate to 'All Organizations' and expand and Choose the All Organizations option.
    3. Click on the Edit icon of the Organization Name so that it will show a prompt to view the details account name and provision tools.

    4. Now choose the Organization Logo and Upload the image with the Crop option and Click on the 'Upload' button.

    Uploaded Co-Branding and Organization Logo images on SanerNow platform.

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