Saner Settings Guide


    Saner Endpoint Security Solution - Settings Guide

    The Saner agent provides a number of settings and attributes that you must configure before it can function optimally. This document explains the settings and how to apply them to the Saner agent. The Settings Guide is for SecPod Enterprise users and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) who want to manage Saner Endpoint Security.


    Agent Settings:

    The Settings option on the Saner dashboard allows you to create a Saner agent configuration profile that can be applied to a group of Saner devices. Some settings are common to both on-premise deployment and cloud deployment.

    1) Scan: 

    Scan Mode offers scanning in Full Throttle mode or in Low mode. The Full Throttle mode consumes maximum system resources while scanning, which slows down the system performance, whereas the low scan mode consumes minimal system resources. By default, Full Throttle is selected.

    Scan for Vulnerability – Scan for vulnerabilities present in the OS and assets. By default, it is turned on.

    Scan for Compliance – Scan for misconfigurations present in the OS. By default, it is turned on.


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