Ancor Web Services Integration APIs Document



    Ancor Web Services provides a set of RESTful web service interface APIs that allows

    • Customer Management interfaces such as add, remove or update details of user accounts
    • Devices and Group Management to manage devices and group them pragmatically to apply remediation, profiles and configuration settings
    • Remediation Interfaces to create, delete or get remediation job, get Common Remediation Enumeration(CRE), get remediation fixes
    • Configuration and Upgrade Interfaces for clients and interfaces to control and configure In-house Ancor set-up.
    • Content Related Queries such as fetching SCAP entity metadata and XML, getting SCAP data bundle or data stream, RSS based alert and Profile Related APIs such as listing profiles and getting profile based SCAP content
    • Authentication Interfaces to login, logout, activate or deactivate agents and users


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