How to configure proxy settings?


    1) Create Saner Builds with Proxy Settings

    To set a proxy setting

    1. Open $AncorCLI>servicemgmt> console
    2. Open the file located in usr/local/scaprepo/conf/saner.ini
    3. Add proxy details and edit the following fields:

    ▶ ProxyEnabled

    ▶ ProxyURL

    ▶ ProxyPort

    ▶ ProxyAuthEnabled

    ▶ ProxyUsername

    ▶ ProxyPassword

    4. Save the settings and create Saner build again.

    5. Deploy the agents. 

    The agent will communicate with Ancor through proxy settings.


    2) Change/ Add a Proxy Setting Through Agent Settings

    There is a way to change or add proxy settings using Viser after Saner deployment.

    1. Login to Viser.
    2. Click Manage on the left pane and click Settings.
    3. Click Create Settings on the top right side and click Network.
    4. Enable Proxy and specify the details.
    5. Enable Authenticate and specify the details.
    6. Specify a Name and Description.
    7. Click Create.


    Once the setting is created, Ancor will push the setting to all the agent installed endpoints. The agent will communicate to Ancor using proxy settings.

    3) If The Internet Explorer has already Proxy Settings

    Once the agent is installed manually, It picks proxy settings from IE and tries to communicate with Ancor.

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