How can I uninstall agent?


    Saner agent uninstallation can be performed in two ways: 

    1) Manual - Saner agent can be manually uninstalled from the endpoint:

    For Windows:

    Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall or change a program 

    For Linux: machines run the following command:

    Ø For rpm - $rpm -e spsaner

    Ø For dpkg - $dpkg -P spsaner 

    For MAC: machines run the command:

    Ø spsaner.uninstall


    2) Saner agent can also be uninstalled using Viser. This works only for on-premise deployment.

    1. In the Viser ‘Manage’ section, click Devices and then Deployment.
    2. Click UnDeploy Agent.
    3. Under ‘Deployment Method, select UnDeploy Agent.
    4. Select Custom Filter.
    5. Under the ‘Criteria’ section select IP address and enter the IP address.
    6. If the endpoint is Windows select “SMB Credentials”. If the endpoint is Linux select “SSH Credentials”.
    7. Provide the SMB User Name, SMB Password or SSH credentials and click UnDeploy. The agent is uninstalled.
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      Rob Paton

      it doesnt address this error: internal error!! unable to collect agent uninstall password status