How to deploy agents?


    The Saner agent can be deployed in two ways: 

    1) Use Deployer Using Viser (works only with on-premise deployment)

    With the Use Deployer deployment method, the user can pass IP address of the endpoint in range/CIDR format or the administrator can specify the hostname. The login type For Windows is SMB Credentials and for Linux, it’s SSH credentials. 

    1. In the ‘Manage’ section, click Devices.
    2. Select Use Deployer.
    3. Enter IP address.
    4. In the ‘Login type’, click SMB Credentials. Provide SSH credentials for Linux and Mac OS X.
    5. Enter the SBM User Name and SMB Password. Provide SSH credentials for Linux and Mac OS X.
    6. Click Deploy.

    The agent is deployed in the endpoint. A message is displayed for success/failure with the reasons.


    2) Show Agent Download URL

    To download the agent installer:

    1. In the ‘Manage’ section, click Deployment.
    2. Select Show Agent Download URL.
    3. Click Go To URL. It will lead you to the Saner Agent Installers page.
    4. Select Deployer for the respective OS.
    5. Click Download. The installer is downloaded. The user can directly install this installer on the endpoints by clicking on the downloaded executable. 

    The executable can also be pushed through Active Directory policy or any third-party software distribution tool. The silent mode option is /S for installations in silent mode. 

    Once the agent is installed and activated, the endpoints which have the agent is seen in the Manage -> Device table. The device entry is available in the manage section. The device will go to the respective group based on the OS. The user can also create a custom group and drag and drop the devices to the group.

    Install an Agent through command line
    1. In Windows
    open cmd as administrator,
    > SpSaner-Windows-noui-x.x.exe /S
    2. For rpm based machines
    >rpm -ivh SpSaner-OS-xarch-noui-x.x.rpm
    3. For dpkg based machines
    >dpkg -i SpSaner-os-x86-noui-x.x.deb
    4. For Mac OS X Machines
    > sudo installer -pkg spsaneragent.pkg -target /

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