How to generate reports, schedule weekly reports?


    To generate reports, schedule weekly reports,

    1. Log in as Administrator or as any other users.
    2. Select individual Account or Site that you want reports for.
    3. Click Reports on the left pane. The report section shows various reports.
    4. Select the desired report, for example, Executive Report. This report provides a summary of monitored devices, vulnerability risk, configuration compliance and threat indicators.
    5. Click Backup.
    6. Select the How often option from the drop down. This option allows administrators to backup the reports on a weekly or daily basis.
    7. In the Keep only the latest entry, set the number. The report for the specified number of days is created. If the number is “3” then the backup report from the previous 3 days are generated. The old files are deleted.
    8. Enter the email address.
    9. Set the backup time for example 10:00. The backup report is generated every day at 10:00 and is sent to the email address entered in the e-mail field.
    10. Save.
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