Protecting Against “SuperFish’s VisualDiscovery Adware” Using Saner



    VisualDiscovery is an Adware program by VisualDiscovery was able to access consumer's personal information sent online, including login credentials, social security numbers, medical information, and financial and payment information.

    In this article, we will cover step by step procedure to protect against "VisualDiscovery" Adware using Saner.


    "VisualDiscovery" Infection Method

    VisualDiscovery Adware comes bundled with many free software that are available over Internet. Between 2014-2015, VisualDiscovery came as a pre-installed Software in some of the Lenovo laptops.


    Protecting against "VisualDiscovery" Adware using Saner

    For illustration, we have chosen "Windows 8.1” system.

    How to check, if systems are affected by VisualDiscovery Adware?

    Step 1: Click on "Queries” menu item that is on the left side pane.


    Step 2: After clicking on "Queries” A window appears as shown below. Click on "Create Query” on the top right corner.


    Step 3: Below figure shows how to create a query for finding "VisualDiscovery" adware present in all systems across a network of endpoints. Fill in the details as shown below and click on "Create”.

    Step 4: The "Query Visualdiscovery” is created as shown below. Click on "Run” to check the results.


    Step 5: After successfully running the query, the result will be displayed as shown below. It is confirmed that "VisualDiscovery" is present in the following listed systems.


    How to remove VisualDiscovery Adware using Saner?

    Step 1: Click on "CMD & Ctrl" section menu item. A window appears as shown below. Click on "Create Command" on the top right corner.


    Step 2: Click on "Software Deployment” to install or uninstall any Software.


    Step 3: Select "Uninstall” from command, type in "VisualDiscovery” in Application Name and choose the silent option by typing ‘/s’ (without quote). Add Name and description and click on "Create”.


    Step 4: We can see the rule is created. Saner will start to uninstall the specified application. The status will be "scheduled" once the rule gets created.


    Step 5: Click on refresh button near "Status”. Below screenshot shows the status of the rule as "Completed 0 out of 1".


    Step 6: After a few minutes, uninstall process is completed, which is shown below,

    To download the full article, please open the below pdf attachment.

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