Threat Detection and Incident Response Using SecPod Saner


    How to Detect Threats and Respond to Incidents with Saner Endpoint Security Solution


    Threat Detection:

    Endpoint detection and response is an emerging technology addressing the need for continuous monitoring of a network and the response to advanced threats. Endpoint detection and response tools work by monitoring endpoint and network events and recording the information in a database where further analysis, detection, investigation, reporting, and alerting take place. An agent installed on host systems provides the base for event monitoring and reporting.


    Threat Detection with Saner Endpoint Security Solution:

    Saner Business provides the necessary infrastructure to detect and respond to an on-going attack within the network. Underscoring the importance of preventing attacks, Saner Business uses Threat Intelligence from available sources to detect Indicators of Compromise (IoC). With its support of STIX/TAXII, OpenIOC, and Yara, Saner Business can consume these feeds to check the relevance of and prevent on-going attacks. With its built-in ability to run queries based on an attack symptom to detect any abnormal behavior or an on-going attack, Saner Business helps you thwart attack attempts.


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