Ancor Administration Guide v2.0


    Ancor Installation & Administration Guide v2.0


    Ancor Installation:

    SecPod Ancor™ is a scalable analytics and correlation engine that provides real-time, integrated security intelligence. It acts as the security intelligence platform for SecPod Saner. Using the services of Ancor, Saner identifies potential security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and missing patches and remediates the system to keep it secure.

    Ancor collates various types of information such as vulnerability, malware heuristics, vulnerability remediation, endpoint visibility and software reputation service from different sources, and combines it with the latest security standards and best practices to provide a robust security intelligence platform. The Ancor engine uses its web services API to guide Saner to collect information regarding the security posture of the system, perform assessments on the vulnerability state of the system, and offer remediation for those vulnerabilities, along with monitoring events in real-time and continuously enforcing security policies.


    Installing Ancor On-Premise:

    To install Ancor within an enterprise, you must use the DVD that you received on a purchase or download the ISO image from the URL provided to you.

    Hardware Prerequisites:
     64-bit Machine
     Minimum 40 GB hard disk space
     Minimum 8 GB RAM


    To install Ancor:

    The SecPod Ancor installer is bundled with a 64-bit Linux operating system. The installer package is a self-bootable ISO image that you may have downloaded from a link provided by SecPod or a DVD shipped to you.
    1. Mount the ISO image you have downloaded, or insert the DVD into the DVD drive. The Ancor setup program will start automatically.
    2. Select the following option:
    Install – start the installer directly.

    This will start the Ancor installation. The Ancor installation is simple and the setup program will guide you through the process.


    To read the full article, please open the below pdf attachment.

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