Asset Management Using SecPod Saner


    How to Manage Your Assets Using Saner Endpoint Security Solution


    Asset Management:

    Assets are the valuable resources of an organization. Asset management is the method of tracking and maintaining all the assets an organization owns, cost-effectively.

    Asset refers to:
    a) Third-party software such as Skype, Adobe etc.
    b) OS applications such as Microsoft Office, .NET etc., and their patches.
    c) Compliance

    Asset management includes:
    a) Installation of assets
    b) Uninstallation of assets


    Asset Management with Saner Endpoint Security Solution:

    The Saner endpoint security solution helps you to track and manage your assets and their lifecycle within your organization, through a centralized location.

    Figure 1 (in PDF document) shows the Saner dashboard with the Software Assets pane highlighted. IT administrators can identify the assets present in an organization using this pane. To retrieve a list of all the assets present in an organization, click the CSV icon in the (csv) “Software Assets” pane; a Microsoft Excel file is generated with the details of all the assets present. You can choose to view 15, 25, 50 or all assets.


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