Viser Settings Guide


    Saner Endpoint Security Solution - Viser Settings Guide



    This guide describes how to create the settings for Saner Endpoint Security.
    The settings guide is for SecPod Enterprise users and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) who want to manage Saner
    Endpoint Security.
    You can use this guide to update:
    • Mail Settings
    • Alert Settings
    • Threat Settings
    • Configuration Settings
    • Report Settings


    Mail Settings:

    The mail settings in the Saner dashboard allows administrators to send alerts related to vulnerability, noncompliance, or malware detection, to send queries and reports. This setting should be set before deploying the agent in the network. It works for mail server configured for public and local.

    1. Log in to Saner dashboard.
    2. Select Change Mail Settings under “inhouse”.
    3. Enter the SMTP Host. For example The SMTP supported hosts are 25, 465, 587. In this case, the
    supported port for Gmail is 465.
    4. Enter the Username and Password.
    5. Enter the From email address. This is an optional parameter.
    6. The mail setting supports three types of authentication. None, STARTTLS and SSL/TLS. Select the supported SSL
    Trust from the drop-down.
    7. Update the mail setting.
    8. After updating the mail setting, test the setting by sending a test mail. Click Test Mail.
    9. If the test mail succeeds, the administrator can send emails.


    To read the full article, please open the below pdf attachment.

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