Compliance Management Using SecPod Saner


    How to Manage Compliance for Your Organization with Saner Endpoint Security Solution


    Compliance Management:

    Compliance is the process of ensuring that all systems in an organization meet a set of specified rules (system properties, configuration parameters, processes, etc.). The rules are determined as a part of a) Risk Mitigation strategy b) meeting industry standards for the business or c) meeting regulatory prescription.

    Compliance management can be defined as a holistic, connected methodology designed to protect and enhance business value by fostering a regulatory risk-aware culture. A prerequisite for any effective compliance management program is the training of employees on the laws, regulations, and policies that apply to their job responsibilities.

    Meeting regulatory compliance is the goal that organizations aspire to achieve, to be aware of, and comply with relevant laws and regulations. Managing compliance with both internal and external control requirements is mission critical in any business operation. Non-compliance leads to fines, disruption of operations, liabilities, and serious reputational damage.


    Compliance Management with Saner Endpoint Security Solution:

    Saner Business bundles regulatory compliance templates for PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NERC and NIST 800-53. Compliance profiles can be created and customized to suit an organization’s needs. Once the profile is deployed, Saner Business monitors the organization’s assets for deviations from the profile and helps to fix deviations. Saner performs daily checks to ensure all endpoints meet regulatory compliance benchmarks. With Saner, configuration discrepancies are detected and automatically fixed.


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