SecPod Saner Solution 2.2


    The main highlight of this release is the extension of our features to various Linux flavors such as CentOS, RHEL, Amazon Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu and other Debian and RPM based systems.

    What’s New in Release?

    1. Real-time analysis of Linux-based systems through an enormous list of queries such as System control settings, Processes, Services, Network Interfaces, Ports, Devices, ARP, IP tables, Cron, Installed packages, Files, BIOS, Computer information, Wireless etc.
    2. Incident Response (IR) amalgamated in a single window, broadly classified as security, process, network, device control, system, application control, services, and software deployment for Linux systems.
    3. Featuring Saner Solution in Air-Gapped Networks
    4. Threat Visualization and Statistics added for Linux-based systems.
    5. Support for Amazon Linux systems – Vulnerability and Compliance Scanning, Remediation and Incident Response.
    6. Processes, Files and Network monitoring capabilities added for Linux to support detection of threats in real-time.
    7. Refurbished reports to include Linux systems – Devices and Groups, Software Assets, Vulnerabilities, Compliance and Benchmark, Threat Intelligence, Patch and Executive summary.
    8. Ability to roll-out agent upgrades through user-interface.
    9. Introducing ‘light-weight’ agents in all operating systems.
    10. Better search links from Dashboard.
    11. Performance enhancements
    12. Other bug fixes and usability issues.

    In summary, Saner SecPod 2.2 provides security and protection of heterogeneous enterprise endpoints – Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems. It provides complete control for IT Administrators over Windows and Linux machines to take actions against threats.

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