SecPod Saner Solution 2.1


    SecPod Saner 2.1 provides exciting new features and bug fixes. Features include much more robust reporting, automated alerts, threat visualization and co-branding support for managed service providers. Administrators have a refurbished dashboard, which is fast and convenient. Quick links on the dashboard help search deeper into endpoint data. Remediation based on rules delineates status of remediation for all applicable devices. Default reports with a backup feature provide detailed security posture of end-points. Backed-up reports can be sent as email and they serve as trending history of incidents that have occurred in an organization. Alerts now notify administrators of new vulnerabilities, compliance deviations or threats as they are detected.

    What’s New in Release?

    1. Remediation support for ‘ALL’ software assets. This ensures that all software assets currently present or installed henceforward will be automatically remediated. This feature minimizes the need for constant monitoring.
    2. Threat Visualization and Statistics added to Dashboard.
    3. An introduction of default queries for Administrators, such as Antivirus information, unwanted programs, System User Access Control(UAC) information, Microsoft firewall disabled status, Bit locker protection disabled status, Data Execution Prevention (DEP) disabled status, etc.
    4. Co-branding support – a feature to allow managed service providers and clients to co-brand Saner with their company logo.
    5. Creation of remediation rules and jobs for software assets regardless of their vulnerability status. This ensures remediation of software assets that befit a vulnerable or non-compliant status at a later point of time.
    6. Refurbished default reports – Devices and Groups, Software Assets, Vulnerabilities, Compliance and Benchmark, Threat Intelligence, Patch and Executive summary.
    7. Support to e-mail reports and backup reports at any time of any day.
    8. Export reports in PDF format.
    9. An introduction of Alerts based on Vulnerabilities and severity, Compliance issues, Threats, and Queries. Alerts can be received and managed by respective departments through e-mail.
    10. An introduction of Remediation Rule status for monitoring all devices. This ensures greater visibility into the remediation process.
    11. Code signing of Saner installers for Microsoft Windows operating system. This ensures the authenticity of the installers.
    12. Optimization of client management for Managed Service Providers.
    13. Support to handle remediation that requires multiple reboots and other special cases.
    14. Groups and Device Management – showing/hiding groups based on device count, device discovery enhancement, etc.
    15. Support to remediate Microsoft operating systems using KB (Microsoft Knowledge Base) identifiers.
    16. Revised overall installation, deployment and usability of the product.
    17. Remediation support for Mac El Capitan operating system.
    18. Other bug fixes and usability issues.

    In summary, Saner SecPod 2.1 provides exciting new capabilities and improved usability for securing and protecting enterprise endpoints.

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