SecPod Saner Solution 2.3


    Saner Solution 2.3 provides many new features and capabilities, including full support for Mac OS X systems. The Saner solution protects endpoints on all three major operating systems, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and all flavors of Linux.


    1. Complete feature integration of the Saner solution with Mac OS X operating systems. Query, threat detection, and incident response capabilities are now available for Mac OS X devices.
    2. File, Device, Process and Network monitors are provided for Mac operating systems.
    3. Refurbished Configuration interface provides better insight and understanding of endpoint compliance rules. Note: Compliance is now referred to as Configuration.
    4. Improved performance and scalability of reports.
    5. New reports provide better visualization on actions taken.
    6. Remediation actions also show patches applied on endpoints.
    7. Enhanced device discovery (using OS fingerprinting techniques) in an on-premise Saner solution setup.
    8. Saner Platform data backup and restore.
    9. Host name alias can be provided for better usability in device management. This alias will be used thereafter in all actions, status, and reports.
    10. Search and sort in Command and Control actions such as device, application, services, processes and in Settings and Configuration.
    11. New sample queries introduced for agents running on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems support real-time analysis.
    12. New Threat feed checks.
    13. Missing and installed patch information is collected from all endpoints and consolidated with patches applied from remediation actions.
    14. The activation mechanism is enhanced to consider a set of trusted MAC addresses from an endpoint. This ensures that activation does not fail for endpoints that frequently change their network adapters from Wi-Fi to Ethernet or similar.
    15. Administrators can reclaim Saner licenses that can then be reused. Administrators can disable an already activated Saner device which helps recover licenses of active devices which are no longer in use. If unable to reach a device, a substitute option – delete device is available.
    16. Administrators can manage users’ passwords and email settings. Enhancements in user account management.
    17. Test Mail Settings feature allows users to test their mail settings. Saner uses these mail settings to send alerts and reports.
    18. Alert emails and reports, such as missing patches, indicate hostnames of affected systems.
    19. Software deployment accepts URL or installer download link to install applications and patches.
    20. Audit logs can be gathered from Saner-enabled agents for better endpoint visibility.
    21. Settings shows default configuration applied on agents.
    22. Scan performance improvement.
    23. Saner Platform scalability improvements.

    Bugs fixed

    1. Fix in missed scheduled scan, updates and remediation.
    2. Fixes in Application block feature.
    3. Fixes in remediation status.
    4. Criticality of vulnerabilities is marked as Critical, Medium, High and Low.
    5. Fixes in queries and submission to agents to probe and collect information. Added signs to indicate slow queries.
    6. Deployment and upgrade enhancements to ease upgrade operations such as first time data synchronization, server upgrades and simplify Saner Platform deployment in general.
    7. Fixes in dashboard counters.
    8. Fixes in gathering system information.
    9. Performance enhancements of reports uploaded from agents.
    10. General enhancements and usability issues.

    Known Issues

    1. Saner agent service is not allowed to be restarted using Command and Control.
    2. Application uninstall does not remove icon from Dock in Mac OS X systems.
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